Posts from October 2015

Posts from October 2015

In the Pressure Cooker

As a child, I remember watching my mother cooking with a steam cooker.  As it sat on the stove top and came to a boil, the steam began to build, as did the pressure.  When it came to a boil, there was a valve on top that would release the steam, but it would keep enough in the pot to cook the contents quickly. The process would make the meat so delicious and tender, that…

What Gives?

Balance. How do we find balance? That’s the million-dollar question that we ask ourselves. We live in a world where we are over-extended, over-obligated and over-stimulated. We wear too many hats: wife, husband, father, mother, teacher, employee, ministry worker, volunteer, and many more. And as you know, each of those hats bear a number of responsibilities, so at the…

Grace in Action

“Thankfulness” is a beautiful word. We all appreciate it, we all like to hear it and we may even like to offer it to others. Yet when I looked deeper in to the same word in Spanish, “gratitud”, I found a few things that gave me insight and a fresh perspective.

Praise the Lord

The first verse of Psalm 150 says it all: “Praise the Lord!”  The verses following mention ways we can worship Him, including the use musical instruments. Personally, I would probably use instruments before singing if I’m with people. I wasn’t gifted with the art of singing. I’ve accepted that.

Even When It Hurts

A few months ago I heard a song called “Even When it Hurts,” by Hillsong United. I thought it was a very deep song that would help a lot of people in a painful time. Little did I know that I was going to be one of those people.

When You are Weak, He is Strong

2 Corinthians 12:7 says that the apostle Paul was given a “thorn in his flesh”, a messenger of Satan, to torment him – to keep him from becoming conceited and boasting about his own strength. Paul recognized that all of his abilities, talents and strengths came from the Lord alone, and not from his own capabilities. He also recognized that his weaknesses…