Are We Turning Our Life in to a Circus?

Are We Turning Our Life in to a Circus?

Festival CircusI recently had to write a paper at school about a reading assignment from a chapter called, “Living the circus.”

Some of the students in class were a bit offended because they didn’t like having to compare their lives to a circus. But one of the students said very well, “We use the language that sets the mentality in our soul, mind and spirit.” You must be familiar with the terminology: “Jumping through hoops,” “juggling balls in the air,” “watching over a three ring circus,” etc. However, “Many words function as lenses through which we can see more deeply into the human soul.”

Perhaps we could learn a lot from ourselves if only we took the time to listen to what we constantly say, and observe more closely how it is we choose to live our lives.

Nevertheless, my focus is to observe if we are living in circus, making our life like circus, or however you want to define it.

The urgency we have every day to finish our tasks, to go farther, to do better, to be faster, more effective, more efficient etc., and the egocentrism; it’s costing us more than we can imagine. We live the “Christian life” suspended… like suspended animation. That is the real Christian life, because the way we live now is certainly not what Jesus expressed in the Gospels about serving others, being concerned for others. And then, what about the time we spend listening to him, bonding with him, depending on him, learning from him, identifying with him, absorbing from him?

Time is not recyclable. You can’t save it and use it later. Time is our life and it is a treasure we don’t fully appreciate. Our time is limited and we must not waste it. The circus may be ok for entertainment, but it is certainly not ok as a life style.

I know I’m guilty of doing it too- it’s so hard to stop myself. I experienced at one point in my life what it’s like to leave the circus behind- at least temporarily. That was a precious time in my life, when I got a better hold of myself. I had a feeling of security and fulfillment, I felt closer to God and I heard his voice much louder, much clearer. I understood things better, more profoundly. I suffered- yes, I did still suffer- but, with a sense of peace and trust in God. I simply was closer to my father. What could be better then that??

T.S. Elliot wrote in his book “The Rock,” “Where is the life we have lost in living?”

Jesus says, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full,” John 10:10. I have not been able to find a full life in the midst of the circus, but I have been able to find it amongst the silence and secret prayer.

I think I, too, have lost myself in the circus of life. I know it is not what God planned for me. I’m ready to leave the circus and reposess the life I was born to have.

What about you?


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