Change of Heart

Change of Heart

womaninvalley-1024x682“Sometimes God doesn’t change the situation, because he is trying to change your heart.”

I am pretty sure that many Christians have probably heard this quote before, or have seen picture images of it surfacing all over the internet and on social media. And I am pretty sure that most Christians, when reading it, would nod their heads in agreement or even say a silent “amen” in their minds. But I am 99.9% sure that at some point in their walk with Christ, every believer will have a moment where this quote will actually become a reality to them.

Maybe you are experiencing the reality of this quote in your life right now. Maybe you have been praying over and over for something in your life to change, for a stressful situation to go away, for a hard situation to become easier, for a burden to be lifted, etc… And there may not be anything wrong with praying those prayers, because God wants his children to cry out to him and lean on him for everything. In fact, on the evening before he was taken to be crucified, and knowing what was about to happen to him, even Jesus himself prayed twice to God that he would not have to go through with it. But deep down, Jesus desired the will of his father over his own.  (Matthew 26:36-42)

So with that said, if this prayer request of yours is simply a cry to ease your pain, or the pain of another, it may not be reason enough for God to answer it in the way you specifically desire him to. I truly believe that God always has a purpose for our pain and a reason for every trial in our lives. And it’s in those painful moments/seasons where your Father in heaven may be perfectly designing a lesson that will mold you more into the image of his son, Jesus Christ.

God is more concerned with us developing a Christ-like character than he is with our personal level of comfort. It is His desire that His children become more like his Son, and one of the ways He does that is by allowing us to go through situations that will make us uncomfortable. We may feel overwhelmed and doubt that God is really working on our behalf. Yet that is actually when God is most at work in our lives. So instead of praying for God to change your situation, try praying for God to give you faith to accept the plans that he has for you, and the trust to believe that whatever it may be, it is for your good. (Romans 8:28)

Maybe God is not allowing the circumstances in your life to change, because he is trying to change your heart.



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