God is in the Details

God is in the Details

worship1We have heard the expression, “don’t sweat the small stuff,” and that is a powerful and important statement. However, there is one statement that holds true within the context of prayer, “God is in the small stuff.” When we pay attention to what seems like the small things, and we notice what God is doing even in them, we are encouraged and strengthened by what we see as we pray for those things that come across our everyday path, and we are thankful for God’s presence that is continually with us.

When I was new to the faith, I was often looking for God and His perfect will for my life. I have since then learned how important it is to know that God’s will is what is happening right now. To pay attention to what God is doing in this moment and in this day will help us to be in God’s will, or staying in connection to God, and follow His leading for me today. God’s will is not necessarily a position, a place, a calling. However, it doesn’t overlook the necessity of wanting to be in the right place during the important turning points of our lives.

Nevertheless, God’s will is being able to walk in conversation with him, paying attention to the people and events of the day, and to simply be what God has called us to be, people that love him and love people. The Beatles wrote a song entitled. “All you need is love.” And Willie Nelson sang the song that says, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” People need love. And they are often looking in the wrong places for it. And we too miss signs of God’s love that he shows around us through events, little things that happen around us, in the everyday flow of things.

The times when we even think or breathe a prayer without speaking, God answers us, and we are encouraged and our hearts swell and soar with the knowledge and love that God demonstrates to us in the smallest detail. Perhaps He is seen in the watching of nature. It is all around us, and as Paul said that “the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made” Romans 1 – KJV). Thus creation demonstrates and verifies the existence of God, which can be seen in the family pet, or a soaring hummingbird, or a towering redwood tree in the forest, or a soaring river cutting through a ravine in a remote place.

God is in the details. God is in the small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff. But in the same way, don’t miss what God is saying to you in the everyday mundane events in your life. Paul said to pray without ceasing. Which doesn’t necessarily mean we have to be on our knees all day, or praying audibly, or in church constantly. Those are all important things. But praying without ceasing means to be in an attitude of prayer. It is when we see someone that is hurting we lift them up even if it’s just for a moment, or we ask God to help them in their time of pain. It is seeing a person that is suffering, and letting God’s love flow through us. And allowing God’s presence to be real to those around us.

St Francis said, “Preach the gospel,” and to “use words if necessary.” Showing God’s love in this way can only happen when we are in an attitude of prayer. It is then that these moments flow effortlessly through us and from us. And it is in those moments that we step back and our hearts soar with wonder and surprise at what God is doing in this moment, recognizing that it is none other than His hand and His work within us. His will for us in that moment. We make it so much more difficult than it should be, or than it really is. God is in the details. He’s in the details of your life, and when we sense God’s love and compassion for us, we can’t help but have it for others.

But that experience can not be felt unless we are in close contact to Him, and we begin to experience it internally. And it can’t help but flow out of us to those around us. God help us to go with the flow of the Spirit. To step aside and pause, pray, and experience the day, and to allow the Spirit to flow out of us. If we want to know what God is doing, we must be in contact with Him. And as we experience that love, we can’t help but love other people. And this is what will draw them to Him without even saying a word.


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