Grace in Action

Grace in Action

profitable-servants-wash-feet“Thankfulness” is a beautiful word. We all appreciate it, we all like to hear it and we may even like to offer it to others. Yet when I looked deeper in to the same word in Spanish, “gratitud”, I found a few things that gave me insight and a fresh perspective.

Gratitud comes from the Latin gracia (“grace” in English), and when we give thanks to God this makes perfect sense. After all, everything we have to be thankful for, we absolutely have from the grace of God. But we also must allow one another to benefit from our God-given grace in order to build, strengthen and maintain our Christian community. After all, “the best testimony of the truth of the gospel is the quality of our life together” [1]

We can provide and serve each other according to the gift that has been entrusted in our hands. 1 Peter 4:10 tells us “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” We have received specific gifts from God with specific and definite grace from Him to utilize them in favor of the whole body of Christ!

Even gifts that we may consider humble and insignificant carry in them the potential of great healing and comfort to others because God gave them to us, and they are vested with the grace of God to do good.

For example, the gift of listening (really, really listening) to a lonely soul, the gift of lending a hand to clean the home of a person who is ill, the gift of singing a song to others, each anointed by the Holy Spirit can bring relief and hope. The gift of sharing a positive thought or the gift of bearing the pain of others, particularly when we see injustice inflicted on others, (ah did you believe all the gifts from God are sweet and rosy?) can be especially helpful. Your gift is deeply connected with a grace given only from God. That may mean suffering and sacrifice in your life.

Your gifts are from God; they belong to God, and are used to build His kingdom, to heal His people, and to support, to encourage and to mold.

What are your gifts?
How are your gifts being used?

[1] Pohl, Christine D. Living into community, cultivating practices that sustain us. William Eerdmans, Michigan Cambridges

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  1. Yishra

    Beautiful! We so often forget that these gifts are from God and they belong to Him; we do definitely need to share them more often.

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