Life is Hard

Life is Hard


Life is (you can fill in the blank, but for today, we’ll choose “hard”), and the sooner one learns that the easier life gets.

It should come as no surprise that life is difficult and even hard. We’ve been warned from the beginning, starting in Genesis chapter 3, with the consequences of sin clearly laid out: the earth bringing up weeds and thorns, just for starters. I would suggest that, save for The Song Of Solomon, every book in the Bible describes the difficulties of life.

Often we forget that life will present trials and tribulations and we’re caught off guard and that adds to the distress and trauma experienced. Now by no means am I suggesting that one should go around being gloomy and never expecting beautiful and wonderful things to cross one’s path, but rather to steal oneself for the fight ahead that will inevitably be coming down the pike. Take advantage of the good and easy times that one gets to experience by stocking up reserves for that rainy day. I like to refer to that stockpiling as my spiritual preventative maintenance, keeping my soul and spirit in good shape by basic Christian disciplines. Nothing really new, but just in case, daily Bible reading, prayer, fellowship with other believers, even some of the more ‘costly’ disciplines such as tithing, giving and fasting.

Speaking from experience, I’m so glad that I built up my spiritual stash and had those reserves to draw upon when things in my life have spun out of control. Those stored treasures ultimately are reminders of God’s goodness, graciousness, mercy, and provision, and that I can come to Him in time of need just as He promised and that He will give me that peace which passes all understanding.

What are you doing today to spiritually prepare for tomorrow?


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