One in Christ

One in Christ


Social media can be a wonderful but dangerous place. On the bright side it allows us to connect with distant friends and family. On the darker side it allows the media (and the world) to serve hate and judgment right into the palm of our hands, daily. Take a look at the articles in your feed; is judgment baked right into the title? We must guard our hearts.

Social media is also dangerous in another way. It allows normal, everyday people to bravely say whatever they want behind the safety of their screens. As an example, I came across an Instagram post from a nail art enthusiast recently. She posted a photo of her latest manicure. The post itself wasn’t terribly interesting but in the comments section two users were commenting back and forth antagonizing one another. Two strangers, fighting, in the comments section of a nail polish post… What is wrong here? It has become too easy to behave recklessly behind our screens without fear of consequence.

So, let us try and answer the obvious question here, are there really no consequences for this malicious and hateful behavior? I believe there are. God teaches us to love one another despite any difference, be it race, religion, or even opinion. Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, and the is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” The truth is, no amount of social media posts, rants, or comments will change everyone’s mind and get them to agree with your view. It is okay to disagree with someone’s idea or view and it is possible to love that person anyway.

God also teaches us to hold off on judgment. Judgment is His job and His alone. This is a hard one, especially when most folks around us engage in this behavior without thinking twice. Remember, no one person, race, religion or group of people is perfect – not me, not you and not that person in the news. No one is exempt from the human condition (sin) and we are all human. We must train ourselves to love first and leave the judgment to God.

I do believe there are consequences to our actions and the one Judge who really matters determines these consequences. Before we post, comment, or share, think about how many likes your Heavenly Father would give you. And for all the believers, remember Jesus lives in your heart, be cautious of what you let in.


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