Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

worship1The first verse of Psalm 150 says it all: “Praise the Lord!”  The verses following mention ways we can worship Him, including the use musical instruments. Personally, I would probably use instruments before singing if I’m with people. I wasn’t gifted with the art of singing. I’ve accepted that.

When we think of praising God, we can tend to think we can only be in church to do that. I was humbled when I went with my church to Columbia to find church services being held in living rooms and basketball courts. That was a reality check for me. God doesn’t care where you are when it comes to praising His name.

When are some good times to praise God? I haven’t been a follower of Christ for a long time, but in my few years I’ve found that you can praise Him every minute. Worship can be out loud and verbal, or internal and contemplative. Of course, you want to keep your eyes on the road; but even looking at the sky while driving and saying, “Wow, God, you know how to make a good day great!” can lift up your spirits as you give praise to your heavenly father.

Worship is also a sober reminder that God is awesome and we’re not (no matter how many times you’ve seen the Lego Movie). It helps our souls remember who God is in our lives and in the world. Giving praise to God when we succeed humbles us. One pastor said, “Every blessing we receive we should return to God as praise, because the blessings that aren’t returned as praise has the potential to turn into pride.”

Praising can also encourage us when we fail, because we’re not relying on our own broken strength, but on His unlimited power. “God, I know you’re in this moment. I know you’re all wise and you work in all things for the good of those who love you! What do you want to show me here?” That’s been my prayer many of times. It’s not eloquent or fancy, but it simply reminds me, He’s bigger than what I see before me.

I would encourage you to praise God in as many ways and times as you can. It can be as simple as when you’re driving and you see the sunrise that you give God praise for an awesome view. Perhaps you get good news from someone. Give God praise. Especially in the hard times, I encourage you to lift your spirit by giving Him praise. The more you give Him praise from within, the less outside distractions can affect your life.

What will you praise God for today?


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