Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual Fitness

spiritual_fitnessMany of us may naturally think of our physical state when we hear the word “fitness”. Fitness is defined as: the condition of being physically fit and healthy, or the quality of being suitable for a particular role or task. So, how can this word or concept of fitness be applied to our spiritual lives and our hearts?

It turns out fitness applies to our spiritual lives much in the same way it applies to our bodies. Imagine for a moment that, no matter what your current physical state is, you want to get in shape or get in better shape; you want to improve your fitness. What would you do? Join a gym, consult a personal trainer, change your diet, and start exercising regularly? I’d say these are all really good steps toward getting yourself fit!

These activities, though hard if unmotivated or new to fitness, can also be applied to our spiritual journey to get fit.

Gym-time: To get physically fit, you join a gym. To get spiritually fit, you join a church or life group. Putting yourself around other people who are motivated toward the same goals is instrumental in your journey to spiritual fitness. It allows you to develop relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ and most importantly your relationship with God!

Personal Trainer: A personal trainer is a nice luxury when attempting to get physically fit and I think of God as our spiritual trainer. Unlike the personal trainer, God is a necessity! Spiritual fitness cannot be achieved without Him. God is our leader and His Word is our guide. He encourages us when we feel like giving up on a situation or loved one. He challenges us to do better in our lives, and shows us areas where we can improve. God never gives us more weight or reps than we can handle, even when everything in us is saying we’re out of gas, God knows we can push out that last rep.

Diet: Changing your diet is vital when attempting to improve your physical health, and spiritual nutrition is vital to our spiritual fitness. So, what are you feeding your heart? We must be aware that what goes into our bodies results in what we see in the mirror, and what goes into our hearts dictates our actions and our thoughts. In both situations there is the option and potential to take in good or take in bad. Evaluating what we allow in our hearts is a great way to kick bad habits.

Practice: Training yourself spiritually is arguably one of the most important aspects of spiritual health because it includes all of the above. Making time for God’s Word, attending church and life groups, sharing your testimony, and so much more will keep you on track and in shape. It is important to remember we are training for a marathon, not a sprint. Yes, we will have bad days, miss “workouts” or eat a cheat meal but it doesn’t mean all is lost. We learn from that behavior and keep at it.

What are you doing to stay spiritually fit?



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