Spiritual Grit

Spiritual Grit

Kintsugi-2As we enter into the month of March (!!) we may reflect on how fast the year is passing by. It’s hard to think that just two months ago we were celebrating the New Year and making resolutions for the year ahead. Let’s pause for a quick progress report, how close (or far) are you from achieving your goals for the New Year? Perhaps you made a spiritual goal of getting closer to God or becoming more spiritually fit. Perhaps your goal pertained to your physical health or finances. Whatever your goal may be (New Year’s resolution or not), I believe we can all be encouraged by something called “spiritual grit”.

Grit is defined as courage or resolve; strength of character. A definition I like better is, perseverance or passion for long-term goals. It is getting back up and trying again after a set-back or fall. Grit is not something everyone is born with, rather grit is a characteristic quality that needs to be learned and developed in each person. So, how do we learn and develop our spiritual grit? It is likely that God is working in you now to develop that quality.

Our grittiness is continually developed by God. Think about it, Christian life is not easy. If everything were easy we would not grow or mature in our Christianity and relationship with Christ. God wants us to be challenged and presents us with difficult situations. This is His way of growing us, developing us into mature Christians, and bringing us closer to Him. Undoubtedly, since becoming Christians, all of us have been placed in tough situations, ones with challenges not easily achieved. And undoubtedly we may fail in these situations and that is okay. Every time we fail but get back up to take a swing at the next situation, we are developing our grit.

We can look to Jesus as our guide for spiritual grit because He modeled it in so many situations in the New Testament. For example, before Jesus began his ministry, He spent 40 days fasting in the desert. The Bible says in Hebrews Chapter 2 says that, “Jesus suffered during those times when He was tempted…”, yet he stayed in prayer and kept going. This is what God wants for us. When faced with a tough situation, God doesn’t want us to give up, He wants us to stay close to Him and keep trying.

God also reminds us that it is okay to fail. We learn something from God in each tough situation, and every day we get on Earth is a chance to try it again. We may not be great at handling every situation that comes our way but it is studying Jesus’ example and sticking with God that is important. Regardless of whether or not we get it right on the first try, rest assured God will give you the opportunity to try again.


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