Valuable Knowledge

Valuable Knowledge

value_toward_01Proverbs 16:16
How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver.

Wisdom has been a constant prayer in my heart and mind for the past three or four years now. God put a message on wisdom before me that shook me.  When I lost my job and entered season of struggle I found myself being desperate for wisdom. Since then, wisdom has been something I’ve sought out regularly. This certainly doesn’t mean I’m the wisest person in the world. In fact, it just continues to remind me how much more wisdom I need.

Now I’m entering a new season as a police officer. Recently, God hit me with a thought: just like I prayed for wisdom, can I pray for knowledge? As I mentioned before, I’ve prayed for wisdom, but this season of my life has me hungry for knowledge. I know that searching for wisdom through God is led by the Spirit, so why should knowledge be any different? I just graduated the police academy two months ago, and during that time I was tested in many academic areas. Each time I tested, I prayed (something I wish I did in high school), and I learned new ways to gain knowledge while in the academy. Small things like flash carding, audio recording, etc. I know some of my fellow nerds are reading this and saying, “duh, why wouldn’t you do that.” Well, smart guy, I wasn’t always that eager to learn.  Or, better said, I didn’t fully embrace learning like I do now.

God has now blessed me with an opportunity to be a police officer; something I’m thankful for each day. I was hired a month after I graduated and now I’m in the field training program. It’s like the academy, except I’m getting paid now, which is a blessing for my family. It lasts roughly four months. I’m being tested and graded each day. The content ranges from laws and policy to geography and tactical skills. I study for hours a week, hoping to understand everything.

I think about Nehemiah, Gideon, Daniel, and several other people God called out of humble beginnings and gave them knowledge that helped them rise to what God was calling them to do.

My career choice is as intellectually demanding as it is physically. If Proverbs 16:16 impacted my hunger for wisdom years ago, I pray it will impact my hunger for knowledge. One thing I will be doing differently now is thanking God for every piece of knowledge I gain, from the small things to the big things. Knowledge is so valuable, and I pray that I can start to see every piece of knowledge as a piece of treasure. Who knows, maybe I’ll be a millionaire in the world of knowledge before this year. Or at least be middle class.

What are you desperate for from God?


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