In the first chapter of Malachi, God speaks to the Israelites about their practice of worship. As it turns out, the Israelites have been neglecting worship. The Israelites, including the priests, have been calling it out as unimportant or “boring” and God is not pleased. At all.

And on a side note – even in God’s state of displeasure, He begins His message to the Israelites with, “I love you”. Wow! How much difference could that make if we tried that when approaching people we are not pleased with??

But back to worship…  God calls out the Israelites as defilers, accusing the priests of despising Him. Sound a little harsh? God said this because of the way the Israelites were so-called worshiping God. You see, the Israelites were going around saying worship itself was not important, so therefore, what they brought to worship God was not important.  When they did offer a sacrifice to God, it was not the best of their flock, which is what God desired, but rather, a sick or crippled animal.  They did not bring their best. Not even close.

If God were speaking to us today, what would he say of our worship? As a church and as individuals; do we consider it important? Do we offer God our very best or only what we can spare, when and if we can spare it? What do you consider your very best? Your financial statement, your time, your talents? How much of it do we devote to God? God wants our very best and it isn’t always our money, our possessions or our time and talents. God wants the very best from our hearts and our lives. Matthew 16:25 says, “For whoever wants to save their lives will lose it, but whoever gives their life for me will find it”.

Don’t hold out.  Give your very best to God.



Seeking Peace


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